We review workers compensation audits, E-mods and premium calculations, discover errors, make corrections and return premium overcharges to you

Workers Compensation Consultants (WCC), a work comp consulting firm, is comprised of independent insurance consultants with special knowledge gained over many years of work within the business insurance industry. Because of our experience we know how to detect and correct errors found in your workers compensation audits, experience modification factors and premium calculations. Approximately 25-50% of business owners who carry a workers compensation policy are now or have been in the past overcharged by an insurance company. Most business insurance clients have no idea that there are errors in their premium calculations. We review your current and past policies looking for the errors that will return premium to your business. You can count on us to discover these errors and deliver refund premium due to overcharges back to your bottom line. See our client feedback section.

Do insurance companies make mistakes? Sure they do. We don’t blame them for mistakes but we do want to correct their errors for you. Chances are high that your business has overpaid. Regardless the type or size of your business, from large multi state operations to small single owner home town businesses, Workers Compensation Consultants will discover and correct these errors.

Do insurance companies look at audit departments as profit centers? I don’t believe this is true, however you must know the insurance auditor does not work for you. His paycheck comes from the insurance company. That auditor is reviewing your books with a single purpose in mind. To discover all premium-generating exposures he can within the very complicated rules and regulations of NCCI. He is not there to show you ways to reduce or conserve your premiums. There’s the problem! Under normal audit circumstances you have no one there to represent you. You are obligated by the terms of your policy to cooperate with the insurance company in pretty much every way possible. Ever miss an audit appointment? They really like that don’t they.

Isn’t it time you have someone represent you? Hey wait a minute. Don’t you have an insurance agent or broker that does that? Isn’t that his or her job? Is that what you think? I’m sure your agent or broker does a great job filling your business insurance needs. Many are educated professionals at policy coverage, identifying your needs and providing the necessary policies to protect your business assets. Many agents are direct writers meaning the insurance company employs them. Their paycheck comes from the insurance company. Their job is to sell insurance for the company, not to spend “selling” time looking for ways to reduce or return premium to your business.

You will find that few agents have real experience or desire to review your payroll audit worksheets or review your experience modification worksheets and make complicated corrections. Many agents are not educated in the complicated rules and regulations as set forth by NCCI.

Make no mistake; we do not want to replace your current insurance agent, insurance broker, or insurance company. Our services will enhance your efforts to control your workers compensation cost.

That’s where we come in. We represent you and your business.

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Our work comp consulting firm provides independent workers compensation consulting services to a variety of business owners, employers, insurance agencies, agents, attorneys, auditors and others who have special issues or problems with any premium producing area of a workers comp policy. You will find that our comprehensive consulting services are designed to address each premium producing area of a workers compensation policy.

We help clients, like you, understand the complex world of premium generation for their workers compensation insurance program by assessing current and past programs from an efficiency of cost stand point.

And all of our consulting services are affordable!

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