Designed for the larger employer, we act as an independent, outside reviewer of workers compensation codes used on your policy to discover class code mistakes and errors. If you are a small to medium size employer be sure to use our Express Code Review Service.

Client Feedback…

Electronic Component Parts Manufacturer…
“Our business performs many different types of complicated work processes and we needed to have an independent opinion of the proper workers comp codes…”
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Auto Parts Wholesaler…
“Our insurance agent suggested we have WCC review our audit because there seemed to be a problem…”
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A Precision Machine Shop…
“A $110,000 bill came from our work comp insurance company after our last audit and we had not changed anything we do…
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Let’s Talk About Our Comprehensive Workers Compensation Code Review:

Email or Call our office at 573-489-8323 to discuss your workers compensation code problem. There’s no charge for our initial interview.
During our initial interview we will discuss your problem, our qualifications and how best to design an approach and solution. We will also provide you with our affordable fee schedule and if you decide to go forward we will set up your account and begin work on your code review.


Our Comprehensive Classification Code Review includes:
  • An interactive consultation with our code specialists;
  • A written report of all findings;
  • The review of your codes and business operations within the perspective of the rules of the basic manual;
  • A confidential review of all NCCI codes used on your policy;
  • A review of other state specific workers comp codes used in those states who do not follow NCCI;
  • A complete independent code review and analysis to verify the proper use of codes on your policy;
  • A comparison of your job descriptions to the workers compensation codes allowed for your state;
  • A descriptive analysis of optional classification codes for use on your workers comp policy;
  • A review of changed or misclassified codes on your policy;
  • Our independent opinion of the proper codes for your business operations, remember we work for you!

We do our best to provide our services on an affordable basis.

If you decide to go forward with our service we will make arrangements to complete our service agreement and schedule a time to begin helping you with your problem. You can always contact us by Email or phone at 573-489-8323 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CST).


So if your workers compensation premiums have increased or have been changed due to a classification code change or issue by your insurance company you may find we can help correct the situation. Workers compensation codes are complicated and with over 700 NCCI workers compensation codes currently in use it’s easy to see how errors in the proper application of these codes can occur every day. Many time these errors and mistakes lead to unexpected high workers compensation premiums being paid by unsuspecting business owners.

Once an NCCI or other workers compensation classification code error or mistake has been discovered on your policy we will:

  • bring to your attention the code error or mistake and identify the problem;
  • begin the process of correcting the mistake by contacting your insurance company as your representative;
  • work with you to file an appeal, if neccessary, to have the code corrected;
  • verify the correction has been made and that your policy is now correct.
  • if requested by you…schedule your account for an annual review.

We offer our comprehensive code review service on an affordable fee schedule. Flat Fee and Hourly Rate plans are available for those clients experiencing known code problems or, for those clients without a known or previously discovered problem, we offer the combination plan where we charge you a reduced rate and share with you any return premium we are able to secure!

We do our best to make this service is affordable! So be sure to contact our office today to discuss your code problem!

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