Our Workers Compensation Audit Review is a comprehensive review of the premium producing areas of a workers compensation audit. This review combines many of our individual consulting service modules into one comprehensive format designed to identify errors and mistakes in the different layers of an audit and their effect on your policy. As independent consultants we provide you an unbiased opinion of the accuracy of your audit.

Client Feedback…

Masonry Contractor…
“They did a great job reviewing our workers comp audit after we got a large bill from our insurance company…”
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Auto Parts Wholesaler…
“Our insurance agent suggested we have WCC review our audit because there seemed to be a problem…”
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A Precision Machine Shop…
“A $110,000 bill came from our work comp insurance company after our last audit and we had not changed anything we do…
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Inquire About A Workers Compensation Audit Review:

Email or Call our office at 573-489-8323 to discuss your workers compensation audit and why you are requesting a review. We do not charge for our initial interview.

During our initial interview we will discuss your audit and it’s outcome, our qualifications and how we may conduct our audit review. Once you decide to go with our audit review service we will provide you our fee schedule and compensation options, set up your account, gather information we will need to reveiw and begin work.


Our Comprehensive Audit Review includes:
  • Analysis of your business operations as represented by your completed audit;
  • A confidential review of job classifications and codes used on your policy and audit;
  • A review of your experience modification factor or merit rating;
  • A review of policy credits which include premium credits, experience credits and schedule credits;
  • A confirmation of policy discounts applied to your policy and audit;
  • Analysis of attached premium producing endorsements to your policy and effect at audit;
  • A review of any changed or misclassified codes on your policy applied at audit;
  • Our independent opinion of the accuracy of your audit in comparison to the description of your business operations;
  • A written report of our findings with recommendations of any action that may be required.

We do our best to provide all of our services on an affordable basis. Go here to learn about our compensation plans.

You can always contact us by Email or phone at 573-489-8323 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CST).


Workers Compensation Consultants are independent consultants working for you. We do not work for or represent any insurance company. Our only interest is to secure workers compensation premium refunds for your business due to overcharges or miscalculations.

Our consultants complete an extensive, comprehensive audit review of your business for your current and past policy periods. We help correct the errors and mistakes identified and lower your current premiums and produce refunds or credits from past policy periods.

All premium producing areas of your workers compensaton program are included in our review. Workers Compensaton Consultants review and verify all workers compensation job classifications, workers compensation experience modification factors (emod), policies, credits and audits for both current and past policies. We look in all areas for errors and mistakes on your policies.

Our review process is not time consuming for you or your staff. We need certain documents and information to accurately review your program however we make it a point to minimize the amount of time you spend. After all, our goal is to return money to your bottom line. Not to become a burden!

We offer our comprehensive audit review service on two compensation plans. The hourly rate plan where you pay us for our work; or the combination plan where we charge you a reduced hourly rate and share any return premium we get back for you for the work we perform.

We do our best to make this service affordable! You choose what’s best for you!

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