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Individual state links are shown below next to its state seal. When navigating to those individual states be sure to follow the directions you find on those pages. Some links may take you to a general information page for the state you are looking up and you will have to look on that page and click on that states link to go to their verification page. Others will take you right to the verification page where you can look up coverage. To find another state, just choose the first letter for that state from the alphabet below or go back to our directory main page.

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verification of workers compensation coverage Verify Tennessee Workers Compensation Coverage

verify workers compensation coverage Verify Texas Workers Compensation Coverage

verification of workers compensation coverage Verify Utah Workers Compensation Coverage


Here’s some tips about each of the above links, state websites and their verification service. We’ve been to each page and have worked our way through their employer verification services. Most are pretty straight forward. We hope our that our notes will help you navigate around their sites quicker and find the information you need more efficiently. As menitoned before for other states each site operates just a little bit different. Some will take you directly to a data entry page while others will take you to the main page and give you instructions on where to find the verification link. Access any of the above state verification sites by just clicking on a link. You’ll then be taken directly to that states website where you can search and verify workers compensation coverage for any employer in their state.


Tennessee: – To verify a Tennessee employers coverage just follow the link we’ve provide above. This link will take you directly to the State of Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development website. Once you get on their web page you will have to scrool down the page. Look in the middle of the page for the Quick Links Section. Continue scrolling down until you see the Coverage Verification Service Link. Once there access this link and you will be taken to a page for employer information entry. Note that this is an off site page provided to Tennessee by subscription verification service. If you have a problem just use the contact information provided and ask for help.

Texas: – Texas does things differently! To verify an employers coverage use the access link we’ve provided above. This link will take you to a page on the Texas Department of Insurance website where you can access a variety of methods for verifying coverage. Be sure to read through the page carefully because some information may only be available to subscribers. They have an email contact link at the bottom of the page to use if you have any questions.

Utah: – Utah calls their verification service POC – Proof Of Coverage. The link we’ve provided above will take you directly to the web page on the Utah Labor Commissions site. Read the information they provide and then click the link in the middle of the page. Using access to work comp check you will be able to verify coverage for an Utah employer. Again, make sure you contact the state with any questions you may have about coverage or the use of their verification system.


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