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Individual state links are shown below next to its state seal. When navigating to those individual states be sure to follow the directions you find on those pages. Some links may take you to a general information page for the state you are looking up and you will have to look on that page and click on that states link to go to their verification page. Others will take you right to the verification page where you can look up coverage. To find another state, just choose the first letter for that state from the alphabet below or go back to our directory main page.

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We’ve added some notes below that may be of help to you while verifying coverage in the above listed states. Take a quick look at these tips on how to use each of the individual states websites and their coverage verification service. We hope our notes will help you navigate around their site quicker and find the information you need more efficiently. Each state website operates a little different from the others. To verify coverage just go to one of the links shown above. You will be taken directly to that individual states website page where you can search and verify workers comp coverage for any employer in their state. If you have trouble accessing coverage information be sure to contact the state in question. Contact information will be on their individual state webpages.

Ohio: – This link will take you to the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation otherwise known as the BWC. Ohio operates different because of their monopolistic status. You won’t be able to verify an individual employers coverage status from their site as this service appears to not be offered. However you can make direct contact with them by phone by just using their contact us section of their website.

Oklahoma: – Oklahoma uses the NCCI verification service, just like many other individual states. This link will take you directly to the Oklahoma Workers Compensation Court entry page for the Oklahoma verification service. Once there just click the verify coverage button and you will be taken to a page where you can search for a specific employer.

Oregon: – The link above will take you to the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services website where you can enter employer information and look up or verify an employers workers compensation coverage in the State of Orgeon. The page you land on is the page where you enter information. While there be sure to scroll down for a list of helpful hints the state provides. They also have on that same page an active link and phone contact information for their Employer Compliance Unit so if you have a problem finding an employer make sure you contact the state direct.

Pennsylvania: – Workers Compensation Coverage Verification for Pennsylvania is now available. Just use the link we’ve provide above to gain access the states webpage designed for employer information entry. Once you’ve entered the employer information the site will provide you with a list of potential matches for you to view. When you find the correct employer just click on their link and you will be presented with policy information for that employer. There’s also contact information on this page if you need to call the state or if you need help using their verification system.


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Information on this page is provided only as a reference. While we strive to mantain accurate information on this site please realize workers compensation laws are complicated and subject to change at any time. No warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of this information is provided or to be implied. You must verify this data before use with the individual governing authority for this state. If you need help with a workers compensation problem or have a specific situation or question please contact our office. Otherwise please consult your states governing authority or an attorney in your state of residency for assistance.

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