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Individual state links are shown below next to its state seal. When navigating to those individual states be sure to follow the directions you find on those pages. Some links may take you to a general information page for the state you are looking up and you will have to look on that page and click on that states link to go to their verification page. Others will take you right to the verification page where you can look up coverage. To find another state, just choose the first letter for that state from the alphabet below or go back to our directory main page.

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On each of page in our directory you’ll find useful information about how to use any specific state verification service. We make it easy for you to find any states service by just clicking on the links we provide. When you do that you’ll be taken to a page on that states website where you can verify coverage for an employer. In the notes below you’ll find some of our observations gathered by us while using these services. They may help you out.

Florida: – Verification of workers compensation in Florida is provided by the Florida Department of Financial Services. We’ve provided you with direct access to the page on the departments website where you can look up an employers workers comp coverage. One thing you’ll notice on Florida’s page is at the top in red they notify you as to the most recent updates on their site. You can search by simply entering an employers name into the space they provide. You’ll notice there are a variety of ways to look up an employer and even check on election and exemption of coverage. Once you’ve entered your search criteria the result will provide you with a list of employers to choose from showing the employers name and address. When you click on the employers name you will be taken to an employer information page that will show you the form of business entity for the employer, the NAICS Code and coverage history. Under the coverage history section you will be provided with the governing class code, effective date and cancellation date, insurance carrier and policy number. They will also show exemption listings. This is a very helpful site that you’ll find easy to navigate.

Georgia: – When you go the Georgia site to verify workers compensation coverage the first page you get to gives you a good description of how to use their search function. They start off by telling you to not use this verification site to file a claim with the Board but give you contact numbers both inside and outside of Atlanta. If you have any questions about the Georgia verification service then contact their enforcement division at 404-657-7285. You’ll find the link on their page near the bottom so scroll down and look for “click here to conduct an Employer Insurance Coverage Search.” That’s where you can access their search page. Once you’ve gone there enter the employers name or federal ID number and you will be taken to a page showing a list of employers. Click on the policy number at the left and they’ll take you to a page about that employer where it will show the insurance carrier. Unfortunately this page does not show effective or expiration dates or policy history.


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