How to tell if you’ve been overcharged or have a problem on your workers compensation audit.

Use this section of our website to learn some of the indicators of a workers compensation premium error or mistake!

Think of this as a test. Take a minute to read through and answer the questions we’ve listed below about your workers compensation policy. It’s a good rule of thumb that if you answer any of these questions yes, you may have been or are now being overcharged for your workers compensation policy.

Answer these questions:

  • Do you feel you have been subjected to an adverse audit?
  • Do you feel your audit includes mistakes made by the auditor or insurance company?
  • Your audit was completed somewhere other than your place of business such as your accountant or bookkeepers office.
  • Have you had your workers compensation job classification codes changed by the auditor or insurance company?
  • Has your business merged with another company or changed ownership?
  • Your payroll or remuneration does not match that submitted to the auditor.
  • Has your business expanded into other states?
  • Is your experience modification date different from your policy period?
  • Your experience mod was changed during the policy period.
  • Has your policy been rewritten with a different effective date?
  • You have claims that are lingering and not being agressively adjusted on your behalf.
  • Your insurance company had a rate change during your policy period.
  • Are you a contractor who performs different types of work or has crews who fall into different job classifications?
  • Have you been charged for uninsured subcontractors?
  • Your insurance company removed or changed credits on your policy.
  • You did not receive copies of the auditors worksheets.
  • The auditor did not complete your audit while on site.

If you answered any of these questions yes or have experienced any of these situations, you should contact Workers Compensation Consultants at [email protected] for assistance. You may have an undiscovered problem with your audit or have been overcharged on past workers compensation audits. You may be paying too much for your current workers compensation policy.

Once an audit error or mistake has been discovered, you may find you need to file an audit dispute in order to have corrections made to your audit and adjustments to any billing statements you’ve received in error. The dispute process can be confusing so be sure to check out our web page on how to dispute a workers compensation audit for helpful tips.

Make no mistake; we do not sell insurance and we will not replace your current insurance agent, insurance broker, or insurance company. Our services will only enhance your efforts to control your workers compensation cost. Remember, we represent you and your business, we work for you!

Remember… Workers Compensation Consultants is your FIRST RESOURCE for help with WORKERS COMPENSATION AUDIT, CLASSIFICATION PROBLEMS AND WORKERS COMP CODE PROBLEMS. We’ll help you find out if your employees have been misclassified on your policy or audit and help correct the mistake for you. If you need help with a WORKERS COMPENSATION AUDIT OR CLASSIFICATION CODE problem contact our office, remember, we help fix broken audits and work comp codes!

Video Transcript:

How Do You Know If You’ve Been Overcharged For A Workers Compensation Audit?

Workers Compensation audits can be simple or complicated. Simple audits may be identified as, and include a single employer with only a few or no employees who uses no subcontractors. Another example of a Simple audit may be a single retail store with only one location and one or two classification codes on their policy or even a simple office type operation. Complicated audits may encompass multi state, multi operational variants generating multi classification codes.

Whether it’s a simple or complicated workers compensation audit, both share in some common audit error and mistake indicators. On this page of our website you’ll learn about some of these indicators. As you read through the questions and statements we’ve compiled you’ll recognize that some of the situations are familiar to you and that you may have actually experienced some of these situations during the audit process.

Some of the questions and statements are obvious. For example; “does the payroll shown on your final audit match with the payroll you submitted to the auditor?” or “have you been charged for uninsured subcontractors?” Others may not be so obvious, like “have you merged your business with another?”or “has your policy been rewritten with a different effective date?” But each question or statement provides insight as to the accuracy of your workers compensation audit.

On this page of our website you’ll learn:

  • Some of the indicators of an audit mistake or error;
  • What a workers compensation audit dispute will accomplish;
  • How to file an audit dispute;
  • A few things to keep in mind if you find your audit is incorrect.

I hope you find this section of our website helpful in answering questions you may have regarding overcharges found on your workers compensation policy, insight into how to determine if you’ve been effected by an adverse audit and information on how and when to file an audit dispute.

so use the information you find on this page as a guide. Answer the questions and review the statements. If you find you’ve answered “yes” to any, you just may have been subject to an adverse audit…without even being aware of it!

Be proactive!

Thanks for watching!


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