Affordable payment options for clients requiring our consulting services

We won’t confuse you. We keep it simple. Workers Compensation Consultants will provide our services to you at an affordable cost!

We offer affordable compensation plans depending on the type of service we need to perform for you. Flat rate fees for special services like our Express Code Review and Experience Modification Rate Review or the hourly rate plan which is available for most services. Not all services are available on all compensation plans. So please be sure to check with our office.

Currently the Flat Fee Basis is only available for our Express Code Review, Experience Modification Review, and Experience Modification Projections. Depending on the scope of your specific project we often charge a single fee for these services. We are adding additional service modules on the flat fee basis so be sure to check back with us. We find this is very cost effective for small to medium size employers who need help with specific workers compensation code and experience mod problems. Sometimes our work in these areas will discover deeper problems that require additional work on our behalf. More complex projects or projects with an identified broad scope of work will often require our hourly rate plan. One thing you can count on is that we will always talk with you about what’s going on with your case and how we can help your business!

Hourly Rate Plan, you simply compensate us our current hourly rate fee with a fully earned minimum retainer. The hourly rate is charged against the retainer until the retainer is exhausted. You pay us hourly for the work we do for you and your business. Sometimes we may assign a cap or maximum amount you will pay us for the services we provide under the hourly rate plan. Expert Witness, Expert Consulting and Litigation Support services are performed under our hourly rate plan. It’s always nice knowing up front how much something costs and we will try to work within your budget! You’ll find that some of our specific services are available only on the hourly rate plan.

And be sure to contact our office for special compensation information concerning our Expert Witness and Litigation Support services.

Working with Workers Compensation Consultants you’ll find there is never a risk to your business only a chance to recover workers compensation overcharges.

It’s that simple.

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