On this page we’ll show you how and when to dispute your workers compensation audit…

Here are a few items you need to know about the audit dispute process. Keep in mind these are only provided to you as a guide. The exact process may differ depending on your insurance carrier or workers compensation providers specific audit dispute requirements.

How can you tell if you need to file a workers compensation audit dispute. Here’s a few things to look for;

  • Your audit clearly includes mistakes made by the auditor or insurance company?
  • The payroll numbers used on your audit do not match those you provided the auditor for the policy period being audited.
  • You received a significant audit bill but any increase in payroll does not seem to justify such a large additional premium bill.
  • Your workers compensation job classifications were changed by the auditor or insurance company.
  • Your experience modification factor is different than the one used on your policy.
  • The auditor has improperly classified you and your employees.
  • You are a contractor who performs different types of work or has crews who fall into different job classifications and the auditor did not allow you to use payroll separation.
  • You have been charged for uninsured subcontractors when you have certificates that show they had coverage.
  • Your insurance company removed or changed policy credits on your audit billing statement.
  • You did not receive copies of the auditors worksheets.
  • The auditor did not complete your audit while on site.

What you need to do to file a work comp audit dispute with your workers compensation provider;