Why should I use your service?

No matter what kind of business you’re in, Workers Compensation Consultants will help you control your workers compensation insurance cost. The discovery of workers compensation audit errors, workers compensaton emod errors, workers compensation premium calculation errors and their subsequent corrections will put premium overcharges back into your operating capital. We don’t take a lot of your time. We know how busy you are in managing daily activities. We know how limited your resources may be. At a minimum we know you do not want to dedicate one of your employees to an activity that may or may not be productive. We step in and do all the work. We contact the insurance company and work with your agent or broker leaving you free to run your business. Check out our client feedback.

Doesn’t my agent do this work for me?

Insurance Agents are not trained to perform this type of work. Keep in mind their job is selling insurance for their employer. The process of reviewing workers compensation audits for errors is a complicated and time consuming one and most insurance agents are paid on their premium production. Many direct writing agents are limited in their capacity to accomplish corrections to your audits.

Are workers compensation audit and code errors that common?

Yes. Approximately 25% to 50% of business owners are overcharged due to audit, code, premium calculation or e-mod errors.

How much money can I expect to get back if an error is found?

That depends on several factors. The amount of your normal workers compensation premium is very important. If the normal error in premium audit calculations is say 30% and your premium is $5,000 you could see as much as $1,500 returned. However there is never a guarantee that there is an error in your audit. But what if your normal premium is say $50,000 and a 30% error is found. Your premium overcharge would be $15,000. That sure would be nice deposit back in your company checking account! In general, the larger your normal workers compensation premium the larger potential for return. Don’t be fooled. Errors are made on all accounts.

Will a discovery of an error effect my workers compensation insurance or business insurance coverage?

Yes and No. Yes… The discovery and correction of an error can reduce the premium on your current workers compensation policy and on all future workers compensation policies while there is no effect to your coverage. No… Workers Compensation premium generation is determined by specific rules as established by NCCI, State Department of Insurance or other governing sources. It’s these rules that must be followed. Insurance companies must follow these rules. Making corrections to an insurance company error will in no way effect your insurance coverage.

Will my business insurance agent get mad at me if I use your service?

An agent who is truly working in your best interest should welcome Workers Compensation Consultants review. Keep in mind our only interest is to find and correct errors, not to replace your insurance agent. Many times we are contacted by an agent who needs help correcting a code or audit problem on one of their workers comp clients. We work for you and your company.

How can I tell if there is an error?

That’s what we do. It can be difficult to determine errors. However here are a few things to look for:

  1. Have you been through a workers compensation audit.
  2. Do you feel you have been subjected to an adverse audit.
  3. Do you feel your audit includes mistakes made by the auditor or insurance company.
  4. Have you had your workers compensation job classifications changed by the auditor or insurance company.
  5. Has your business merged with another company or changed ownership.
  6. Has your business expanded into other states.
  7. Is your experience modification date different from your policy period.
  8. Do you have claims that are lingering and not being agressively adjusted on your behalf.
  9. Have you been charged for uninsured subcontractors.
  10. Are you a contractor who uses different job classifications.

If you have experienced any of these situations you should give us a call. You may have been overcharged on your workers compensation audit.

What does it cost me to use your services?

That’s the good part. Some of our services are set up on a flat fee basis so you know exactly what it will cost. Other services are available on hourly rate plans where we collect a modest retainer and charge our work off against the collected retainer. We’ll discuss which compensation plan works best for you based on the type of work and projected time we may need to spend working on your case. Regardless which plan is used on your case you’ll find our fees to be in line with other professional services available. We often put a maximum cap in our service agreement so you’ll know what the maximum cost will be. We work hard at making our services affordable so contact our office to discuss how we are compensated for the workers comp services we provide.

Are there hidden charges or expenses?

No. We really work at making our services affordable and easy to understand.

Will this process take a lot of my time?

No. We need certain information from you and once we receive this information we take it from there. We know how valuable time is and we promise not to waste yours or your employees. We make a point to make this review process as easy for you as possible.

How do I get started?

You can sign up for an Express Code Review in the white box below. Or go to our Consulting Services Page to learn more about the special workers compensation support services we provide. And be sure to email: [email protected] or give us a call at 573-489-8323 to discuss your specific workers compensation problem, and to see if we may be able to help you out!

We do our best to make all our services affordable!

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