An analysis and diagnosis of your workers compensation codes – Designed for small to medium size employers who want to make sure workers compensation codes used on their policy are accurate.

Client Feedback…

A Siding Contractor…
“I received a bill for $18,000 for a workers compensation audit and didn’t know what went wrong…”
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A Floor Covering Store…
“The Express Code Review is worth every penny! Codes were changed on our policy…”
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A National Leader in Parts Inventory Services…
“Class codes were changed by the auditor and we received a bill for over $24,000…”
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Ask About An Express Code Review For Your Business:

Email or Call our office at 573-489-8323 to discuss your request for an express code review. There is no charge for our initial interview.

During our initial interview we will discuss your request for an express code review, what to expect and answer all questions about this service. If you decide to go forward with our express code service we will discuss our affordable fee schedule and payment plan options, set up your account and begin work on your express code review.


Your Workers Compensation Express Code Review will include:
  • An interactive consultation;
  • Independent research; a written report; and opinion of the effectiveness of your current classification codes;

We will review and discuss:

  • Your business operations and how they fit within the classification codes currently used on your policy;
  • How other available class codes may better fit within the business operations you describe;
  • Available options you may have modifying codes to improve your workers compensation cost;
  • Specific questions you may have about your current codes;

You can always contact us by Email or phone at 573-489-8323 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CST).

Ask about an Express Code Review today!

Workers compensation codes have a very big impact on the premiums being charged on your policy! Misapplication, improper assignment and use of these codes occur daily and can be very costly to a business when they go undiscovered. Express Code Review has been designed to assist small to medium size employers who have questions and concerns about the codes currently being used on their workers compensation policies. It is especially useful to an employer who believes the workers compensation codes on their policy may incorrect, who may need information about their codes and a quick analysis, diagnosis and opinion as to the effectiveness of the codes being used.

When a more detailed review is necessary, you’ll find our full comprehensive consulting services are available and designed to address all premium producing areas of a workers compensation policy. We can help you;

  • review and analyze your current and past workers compensation policies for premium calculation accuracy;
  • identify mistakes and errors made on your policies;
  • reduce your workers compensation insurance cost by working with you to get costly errors and mistakes corrected and premium returned to you;
  • help you find answers to your questions about premium on your workers compensation policies and workers compensation audits;

And we do our best to make all of our consulting services affordable! You’ll find we offer a range of workers compensation consulting services at very affordable rates. Through our consulting service and individual service modules we will analyze your workers compensation policy for errors and mistakes, assist you in making corrections and secure premium refunds from your insurance company.

For more information on the complete line of workers compensation consulting services we provide just Email us today, discuss your specific situation and see if we can help with your problem!

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