Experience Modification Review EMR – An independent analysis and review of your experience modification factor – For all employers who require a verification of their experience modification rate or EMR.

To Request An Experience Modification Review or EMR Review:

Email or just call our office at 573-489-8323 to discuss your needs regarding an EMR review. We don’t charge for an initial interview.

During our initial interview we will talk with you about your specific EMR situation, our qualifications, what our experience mod review entail and how to design an approach and solution for your specific situation. If you make the decision to proceed with our services we will provide our fee schedule and payment options, set up your account and begin work on your workers compensation EMR review.


Your Experience Modification Review will include:
  • Independent research and verification of your experience mod factor;
  • A written report detailing our findings including our opinion of the accuracy of your current EMOD;
  • Verification of payroll used in the calculation of your experience modification factor;
  • Verification of loss claim data used;
  • Verification of timely reporting of data to the rating authority by the insurance company;
We will review details of current factor items and may include:
  • Review of D Ratio and ELR or Expected Loss Ratio;
  • Actual Incurred and Primary Losses;
  • Expected Losses and Primary Losses;
  • ERP, Experience Rating Period;


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Also known as the EMR or Experience Modification Rate, you’ll find the purpose of conducting an independent review of the Mod Factor or EMR is to verify its accuracy! The process followed and the multiple factors used in the production of a final mod is complicated and quite often errors and mistakes are discovered. Most business owners are unaware of the serious impact on their workers compensation insurance premium that a miscalculated EMR or mod factor can create. These factors may also effect more than the premium being paid. Many times this factor is used by government agencies or others to judge how effective a business conducts its affairs. A poor mod can be a factor in bidding situations where a maximum mod factor is set in the bid specs thus keeping some from bidding on jobs if their experience mod exceeds the maximum established.

Our Experience Modification Review or Experience Modification Factor Review is designed to validate the individual factors used to calculate your workers compensation premium modifier.

This service is an independent review of your experience modification factor. As you are aware this workers compensation premium modifying factor can have significant impact on the calculation of premium and ultimately the total cost of your workers compensation insurance policy. Because of the many individual factors and complexity of the calculations involved in arriving at an experience mod factor we always advise our clients to have their e-mod worksheets reviewed for accuracy each and every year.

If your E-Mod Rate has not been checked by an independent source then sign up today and set up a review for your business!

And best of all…we’ve taken the guess work out of the cost of this service. Choose the single or multi state option above to sign up. We offer our experience modification review service on a flat fee basis. If your business operates in a single state then sign up for the single state review. If you operate in multiple states then sign up for the multi state review.

We do our best to make this service affordable!


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