This service is provided to assist clients better prepare for the future by having a snapshot look into next year’s EMR. This service provides you with a valuable budgeting tool and especially designed for those employers who need to budget for future workers compensation premium!

To Request An Experience Modification Rate Projection

Email or just call our office at 573-489-8323 to discuss how we can help you with an EMR or experience modification projection. We don’t charge for an initial interview.

During our initial call we will discuss the documentation we will need you to send along with what our experience mod projection will show you. If you make the decision to proceed with our services we will provide our fee schedule and payment options, set up your account and begin gathering the required documents to work on your workers compensation EMR projection.


Our Experience Modification Projections:
  • Allow our clients a look into the future in regards their EMR and Experience Mod Factors;
  • Provide our clients with a valuable budgeting tool in regards the cost of their workers compensation insurance;
  • Are flexible and allow “what if” variables to be factored in thus providing a useable management decision tool about future workers compensation cost;
  • Are based on current loss scenarios but address variable payroll, rate and claim data for projection purposes;


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Experience Modification Rate or EMR has such an impact on the overall cost of workers compensation insurance we work with our clients to provide them with pro-forma experience modification projections. These projections are designed to give our clients a snapshot of the future in regards their future EMR.

What could be better than a look into your workers compensation future? And when it comes to the cost of your workers compensation program what could be a better budgeting tool at your disposal? That’s what our Experience Modification Rating Projection can do for you!

Who wouldn’t like to know, today, how their claims and payroll, as projected into the future, could effect their cost of workers compensation insurance. We’ve found this to be a most valuable tool in helping our clients plan and budget for the future. The flexibility of this projection allows us to factor in different variables creating “what if” situations based on information provided by our client.

It’s part of what we do to help you manage your workers compensation insurance cost. Remember…WE DO NOT SELL INSURANCE, WILL NOT REPLACE YOUR CURRENT INSURANCE AGENT OR INSURANCE COMPANY! We are here to provide you with independent, workers compensation consulting services!

And…we do our best to make all of our consulting services affordable!

If you are NOT an existing client, please contact us today to learn more about the services we provide and how we can help you with your workers compensation insurance program!


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