Do you need a Workers Compensation Consultants independent workers comp audit or code review?

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On this page you will find many of the target industries we feel benefit the most from our audit and code review. With our experience we find that workers comp code problems and audit mistakes can be identified and often corrected.

Employers who use our service are very diversified and distinct. But all have the potential for costly workers comp code or audit problems. Adverse workers compensation audits and classification code mistakes can lead to undiscovered, substantial additional premiums being paid. We help reduce many of these target industries workers comp premium costs for years to come, just by performing a code or audit review!

Who needs our help?

  • If you are a Contractor click HERE for more information.
  • Any Employer who has a workers compensation policy.
  • Any Employer who has undergone a workers compensation audit.
  • Any Employer who feels they have been subjected to an adverse workers compensation audit.

  • Any Employer who feels their workers compensation audit includes errors and mistakes made by the auditor or insurance company.
  • An Employer who has had their workers compensation job classifications changed by the auditor or insurance company.
  • Any business that has merged or changed ownership.
  • Any business that has expanded into other states.
  • When your workers compensation experience modification date is different from your workers compensation policy period.
  • When you have workers compensation claims that are lingering and not being agressively adjusted on your behalf.
  • An Employer who has been charged for UNINSURED SUBCONTRACTORS.
  • Any CONTRACTORwho performs work in different workers compensation NCCI job classifications.

Types of business we serve:

    • All Businesses – All SIC Codes Any business that has a workers compensation policy can have hidden errors and premium overcharges. We estimate 25% to 50% of all workers compensation customers have been overcharged by their insurance company.


    • Contractors – If you are a contractor click HERE for more information.
      • General Contractors
      • HVAC Contractors
      • Road and Excavation Contractors
      • Concrete Contractors
      • Floor Covering Supply and Installation Contractors
      • Utility Contractors
      • Carpentry Contractors
      • Electrical and Plumbing Contractors
      • Painting and Finishing Contractors
      • Masonry Contractors
      • Drywall Installation
      • All Other Types of Contracting Trades


    • Manfacturers – If your business is manufacturing click HERE for more information.
      • Heavy Industry
      • Foundry and Steel
      • Metal Goods
      • Plastics
      • Computer Component
      • Textile
      • Wood Products
      • Floor Covering Products
      • Electrical Apparatus
      • Automotive, Marine and Heavy Equipment Products
      • Paper Products


    • Distributors – If you are a distributor click HERE for more information.
      • Food and Beverage
      • Building Materials
      • Raw Materials
      • All Finished Products


    • Precision Machine Shops – If your business is a precision machine shop click HERE for more information.
      • Tool and Die
      • Computer Controlled Lath and Planing
      • Computer Controlled Design
      • Precision Welding


    • Transportation – If you are in the business of transporting materials, merchandise or people click HERE for more information.
      • Long Haul and Local Trucking
      • Air Freight and Delivery
      • Public Transportation
      • Waterway Transportation and Barge Systems
      • Raw Materials


    • Processing and Assembly – If you are in the processing or assembly business click HERE for more information.
      • Food and Beverage
      • Clothing and Dry Goods
      • Building Materials
      • Electronic Goods
      • Automotive, Trucking and Heavy Equipment Plants


    • Hospitals and Medical Care Facilities – If you are a hospital or medical care facility click HERE for more information.
      • Hospitals
      • Clinics
      • Nursing Facilities
      • Residential Care and Retirement Centers
      • Physician Groups
      • Medical Services Groups


    • Not for Profits – If you are a not for profit or other social service organization click HERE for special information.
      • Social Service Organizations
      • Services for the Elderly
      • Youth Services Facilities
      • Community Service Organizations

  • You can tell from this list that we provide our workers compensation consulting services to a wide variety of business types throughout a wide variety of industries! So if you have a workers compensation policy, find you’re having a problem with a workers compensation audit, classification codes or any other premium producing area of a workers comp policy make sure you contact our office. Email or call! Let’s discuss your problem and see if we can help you!And remember, we represent you and your interests, we work for you!


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