We specialize in workers compensation insurance premium, classification code and audit consulting. Detailed information about our independent consulting and review services can be found under the “Services” tab above or by using these links and include:

Express Code Review –

Our independent Express Code Review is an affordable solution designed for the small to medium size employer who has concerns and questions about their current workers compensation codes and includes:

  • Your choice of a 45 or 90 minute interactive consultation about the effectiveness of your current codes;
  • We review and discuss:
    • Your business operations and code classification;
    • Classification codes currently being used on your workers compensation policy;
    • Better codes that may be available for your use;
    • And answer any specific questions you may have about current codes being used on your policy.

Order this service, learn about its affordable flat fee cost, or to discover more about the valuable information we’ll provide about your current codes, go to our Express Code Review page.

Audit Dispute Resolution –

Find yourself in the middle of an audit dispute and it’s not going well? Then contact us! We help resolve problems with audit disputes. You’ll find through this service we can;

  • Help you determine if you need to file an audit dispute;
  • Assist by reviewing ongoing disputes;
  • Evaluate the need to continue with a dispute;
  • Help coordinate denied dispute appeals to State Commissioners or Board;
  • Coordinate appeals with the rating authority and state insurance departments when required
  • And more…

To sign up, learn about our fees and discover more detailed information about this service and how we can help you, go to our Audit Dispute Resolution page.

Expert Witness and Litigation Support –

A special area of service we provide. Our Expert Witness and Litigation Support services are provided to attorneys and their clients who are experiencing premium related issues. Our expertise includes:

  • Retrospective Rating Plans;
  • Claim reviews and their effect on premium;
  • NCCI classification codes, rules and regulations;
  • Audit disputes and appeals;
  • Experience rating and premium calculation issues;
  • Formulating formal appeals;
  • And more…

Visit our Expert Witness and Litigation Support page for more detailed information about this specialized consulting service and to view our CV’s. To schedule an initial consultation or discuss case qualification and our fees for this service, email our office or contact our office by phone at: 573-489-8323.

Retrospective Rating Plan Review –

A special area of service we provide. Designed for Employers and/or their legal representatives who are experiencing problems related to Retrospective (Retro) Rating Plans. These complicated loss sensitive programs create many costly problems for employers and many times end up in litigation. Our expertise includes:

  • General retrospective rating plan reviews;
  • Retro plan formula reviews;
  • Claim reviews and effects;
  • Effect on Experience Modification and future premiums;
  • Formulating formal appeals;
  • Work with legal representation;
  • And more…

Visit our Retrospective Rating Plan Review page for more detailed information about this specialized consulting service. To schedule an initial consultation or discuss details about your case, our qualifications and our fees for this service, email our office or contact our office by phone at: 573-489-8323.

Comprehensive Workers Compensation Code Review –

Designed for all employers who require a much more detailed, documented review of their workers compensation codes and includes:

  • A detailed analysis of your business operations, job descriptions, processes and materials used in your operations;
  • A detailed analysis of misclassed or changed codes;
  • Review and application of payroll separation for your business;
  • Writen reports, analysis and opinion of the effectiveness and description of codes used in your business.
  • And more…

To learn more about this comprehensive code service, what we charge for this service and how to get started, visit the Comprehensive Workers Compensation Code Review page of our website.

Workers Compensation Audit Review –

Workers compensation audits can be complicated and include many areas where audit errors and mistakes may occur. You’ll find our audit review is a comprehensive review of all premium producing areas of a workers comp audit and includes:

  • Job classifications and classification codes;
  • Experience modification factor, emod or EMR;
  • Policy credits including the application of schedule credit, premium credit and experience credit;
  • Application of various policy discounts;
  • Application of anniversary date endorsements;
  • Proper application of code changes at audit;
  • And more…

A valuable service! To sign up for this service or to learn more about this service and our fees go to Workers Compensation Audit Review . Costly audit mistakes go undetected for many years. Find out how we can help you today.

Claims Review and Analysis –

Claims drive the cost of any experience rated workers compensation program and directly lead to increased premiums paid. Our Claims Review and Analysis Service is a complete review of all parts of the claims process and includes:

  • An analysis of insurance company claim reserving practices;
  • A review of all claim settlement practices;
  • Analysis of claim reporting effectiveness;
  • Review of proper claim verification and proper application of coverage;
  • Analysis of claim effect on experience rating;
  • And more…

A requirement for any experience rated workers compensation program! Go here to request our Claims Review Service or to learn more about this service and how it may benefit your business visit Workers Compensation Claims Review. 65% of workers compensation claims contain errors! 95% of workers compensation claims are overpaid or incorrectly settled costing the experience rated employer in additional premium paid! Learn how we can help you today!

Consulting Service For Agents and Brokers –

Let us help with your client problem! Bring our team onboard to help with your client. We do not sell insurance and do not compete with agents, agencies or brokers. Our specialized consulting services only enhance the service agents and borkers probide to their clients. If you are an insurance agent or broker you’ll find that by using our service you:

  • Will provide your client with a higher level of service;
  • Have at your disposal a team of experienced workers compensation consultants;
  • Will provide your client with an outside independent resource for all workers compensation premium generation issues;
  • Will have access to our independent analysis, reports and assistance in developing solutions for specific client problems.
  • And more…

To inquire about this service go to Consulting Service for Agents and Brokers where you’ll learn more about how we can help with your client!

Experience Modification Review –

Experience modification factors can have an enormus effect, both good and bad, on the pricing of a workers compensation policy. An effect thay may last for up to a three year period! Our experience mod review indludes:

  • Analysis of all factors used in the calculation of your experience mod;
  • Review of all rating and claim data used in producing the experience mod;
  • Analysis of the reporting of the claim and rating data to the rating authority;
  • And more…

To order this service go to Experience Modification Review where you’ll learn more about what your review will include and about the affordable flat fee we charge.

Experience Modification Projection –

Due to the impact the experience mod has on your bottom line, the ultimate cost of your workers compensation policy, it’s important that you know, in advance, what your emod will be next year. Experience modification projections include:

  • A look into your future!
  • A tool you can use to assist in budgeting your workers compensation costs into the future;
  • While based on existing loss data, projections allow you to see the effect variables of payroll, rate and claim data have on your experience mod factor.

Another affordable flat fee service we provide. To Sign up, learn more about this service and the fee we charge, visit the Experience Modification Projections page of our website.

Pre-Audit Review Program (PAR)-

Our PAR Program, Pre-Audit Program, is designed to help you get ahead of the audit cycle. In our consulting business we seem to deal with clients who come to us after an adverse audit has been completed and usually when an audit dispute needs to be made with their insurance carrier. PAR is designed to get you ahead of the audit game to help you set up your books with proper codes and record keeping to take control of the audit rules, to be proactive, before the audit is completed. Using our PAR program you’ll find:

  • We will assist you by identifying your business work processes;
  • Review current classification codes being used on your policy;
  • Identify alternate best combinations of codes for your business;
  • Help you understand how to use code classifications and how you may modify your business to take advantage of the best combination of codes;
  • Review your record keeping methods and identify methods on how to improve them and better meet audit rules;
  • And more…

It’s time to get ahead of the workers compensation audit game! To order this service or to learn about our fees and about the PAR Program go to the Pre-Audit Review Program (PAR) page of our website, email or call our office.

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We provide workers compensation consulting services to business owners, employers, insurance agencies, agents, attorneys, auditors and others who have special issues or problems with any premium producing area of a workers comp policy. Our comprehensive consulting services are designed to address each premium producing area of a workers compensation policy. We can help you;

  • review and analyze your current and past workers compensation policies for premium calculation accuracy;
  • identify mistakes and errors made on your policies;
  • reduce your workers compensation insurance cost by working with you to get costly errors and mistakes corrected and premium returned to you;
  • help you find answers to your questions about premium on your workers compensation policies and workers compensation audits;

We help our clients improve their workers compensation premium performance by cutting costly errors and mistakes out of their premium. We help business owners, like you, better understand the complex world of premium generation for their workers compensation insurance program by assessing their current and past programs from an efficiency of cost stand point.

And best of all…we do our best to make all of our consulting services affordable!

We will quickly analyze your workers compensation policy for errors and mistakes, assist you in making corrections and secure premium refunds from your insurance company.

Email us today to discuss your specific situation and see if we can help you with your problem!


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