How To Buy North Dakota Workers Compensation Insurance:

We do not sell insurance or place any type of workers compensation insurance. Workers Compensation Insurance for North Dakota is only available through North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance. On this page we will show you how to contact the North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance. You must contact them to Secure Coverage. Contact information is provided below.

North Dakota is a monopolistic state. Workers compensation insurance coverage is only available for employers in North Dakota through the North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance. Workers compensation insurance cannot be purchased through private insurance companies. In order to sign up for insurance in North Dakota the employer will have to complete an application for coverage and submit it to the WSI. We are providing this basic information to help you get in touch with Workforce Safety and Insurance, the WSI, so you can secure workers compensation insurance for this monopolistic state. Here’s some information to help you get that done.

Information You Will Need to Complete the WSI Application:

You will be asked to provide a great deal of information about your business. They need to know about the work processes and products you produce and what you do. On the application you will need to show the work locations in North Dakota. If you are an out of state corporation conducting business in North Dakota they will want to know the state of incorporation and the date your business was incorporated. They will need to know if you want the employers optional coverage and will ask for information about the employers spouse and children and compensation. You’ll find this is typical information that’s used in most situations. They will also ask about the need for extraterritorial coverage. In addition, When completing the application you will need to have this basic information available:

  • Your legal business name, your Corporate, LLC, Sole Proprietor, Partnership or other legal name in which your business is known.
  • Your mailing address and contact phone number.
  • Your federal ID or social security number.
  • Legal form of business.
  • Information as to the election of coverage, if you want to provide coverage for owners, corp officers etc.
  • A description of your business operations.
  • A description of work performed and number of employees for each type of work.
  • A projected twelve month estimate of payroll by work performed.
  • Also the names, addresses and social security numbers and dates of birth of all owners and officers of the business.

Completing A North Dakota Application for Workers Compensation Insurance:

The application for workers compensation in North Dakota can be completed online or by completing and submitting a paper application. The North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance maintains a good website where they provide you with complete information needed to answer all your questions about securing coverage in their state. Completing the application online will save you time. If you complete the application online then you should not print and submit a paper application, that will just confuse things. But make sure you contact the WSI so they can guide you through the process.

Once you have gathered the information from the above checklist you can use this link to access the North Dakota WSI website. From there you will be able to start the application process. Remember, you can only secure workers compensation coverage in the State of North Dakota by working directly with the WSI.Workforce Safety and Insurance Online Services Index Section

You will find help from those at WSI for completing the application or making your submission for coverage. Be sure you contact them with any questions you may have in securing your North Dakota workers compensation insurance. You can use the links found here on our page or just make a phone call. They are very helpful in guiding you through their states workers comp system. So just call them if you need any kind of help or it you have any specific questions about the process. You can call them at:

North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance (WSI)
Phone: 701-328-3800

How to Contact the North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance (WSI):

Like other monopolistic states, Workforce Safety and Insuranct has a very active website. They are very helpful to all employers who need to sign up and secure workers compensation insurance in North Dakota. You’ll find they can help you through the application process and make sure you’re doing everything right. You can contact them here:

North Dakota WSI
1600 E Century Ave Ste 1
P.O. Box 5585
Bismark, ND 58506-5585
Phone: 701-328-3800
Toll Free: 1-800-777-5033

Important Information:

Workers compensation insurance for the State of North Dakota is provided only through the North Dakota WSI.

REMEMBER! We do not sell insurance or advise on coverage issues or provide help of any kind in the purchase of insurance. Information on this page is provided only as a reference. While we strive to maintain accurate information on our site please realize workers compensation laws and state rules are complicated and subject to change at any time. If you need help securing workers compensation or any other insurance please consult your states governing authority or seek out a professional insurance agent or broker licensed to do business within your state.

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