I think they are using the wrong code on my workers compensation policy – what can I do?

Proper classification of employees, from a workers compensation perspective, can be difficult. There are many variables to consider and code descriptions are not as clear or as written in stone as many believe. If you believe your business, or if an agent your client, has been incorrectly classified visit our workers compensation codes page at our website to learn more. So, let’s talk a little bit about what you can do if you think there’s a mistake.

When there’s an error on a policy the first place an employer goes is to their insurance agent. And when it comes to codes, if you’ve ever looked at the policy information page, you’ll see it’s easy to understand why an employer can be confused. The description used on a policy is usually quite abbreviated. When looking at a policy you’ll notice the code number is usually followed by a single line description. In fact these descriptions can be pages in length with multiple references and cross references. So what an employer sees on the policy can be equated to an iceberg, 10% visible and 90% unseen. And we all know that it’s the unseen part that can sink your ship!

Incorrect interpretation of a code is another problem. When a description is read by a normal person (that would be anyone outside the realm of workers compensation insurance!) you can be pretty sure they will not read it correctly or at a minimum be more confused after reading it than before! You see it’s not just reading the words as presented, it’s knowing how to interpret the real meaning and application of that meaning. Sure, some are very clear in their application but many are not! And it’s usually those that require interpretation that cause the problems.

Here’s what you can do if you have a wrong code on your policy:

  • Contact Your Agent – It’s always the first place you should go with questions concerning your insurance policies! It’s their job to explain and help you with problems. However, some situations may be beyond the assistance you can get from your agent and will require you to look further.
  • Contact Your Insurance Company – Sure the insurance company is usually at an arms length away from you and will many times refer you back to your agent for help. But you are also their customer and you should be able to expect some level of service and that they be able to answer questions as to how and why they performed in some manner.
  • Contact An Independent Workers Compensation Consultant – When faced with a problem that just can’t seem to be solved, or if you are not sure the information you’ve been given is correct, contact a work comp consultant for help! Contact our office if you’d like, email us or call us, but the key here is to look for outside independent help! 

Hope this has been of some help to you! Thanks!