Workers Compensation Premium Consulting – Why We Do What We Do

Have you ever noticed that most of the posts you find on our blog are about in the trenches, hands on topics that most of the time have some direct effect on how premium is computed and it’s effect on an employer? If so, good! Because that’s exactly what we’re about, providing help to employers, associations, insurance agents, insurance carriers, auditors and others who may have an interest or need help in the areas of our expertise; premium generation; workers compensation codes; workers compensation audits; experience modification rates and experience rating issues; claims, from the effect they have on premium; retrospective rating plan issues and expert witness services.

Workers compensation topics cover a wide range of interests for many; current to pending legislation, benefits and compensation to name a few. Many other consulting firms out there do a great job covering those areas and we’re thankful for them! But we still concentrate on providing assistance to those experiencing premium related problems, you know, the hands on stuff.

We believe the basis of workers compensation is education and communication. Communication between the agent and employer when a policy is first set up; between the agent and company underwriter and policy processing when the policy is issued by the insurance carrier; between the claim adjuster and injured employee when a claim occurs; and between the auditor and employer when it’s audit time.  We believe many employers, agents, insurance company underwriting staff, auditors and supervisors are unfamiliar with the workers compensation “rules of the game” and that unfamiliarity leads to mistakes and problems. It’s through education that we can help eliminate mistakes and errors and help all those involved. Be sure to visit our website if you get a chance!

So we do what we do because we look at the world of workers compensation a little differently than most. We believe workers comp is a great product and serves a great purpose. However we know the pricing mechanism remains a mystery so whether its a company struggling with an audit situation, an insurance company asking for our experience on a specific topic, an insurance agent requesting help for one of their clients or a group interested in our speaking topics we’re out here to help.

Thanks for your time!