Workers Compensation Blogs – Where We Fit and What We Do

If you follow workers compensation issues on the web you will no doubt realize that there’s a multitude of websites and maybe even more blogs out there for you to visit. We’re lucky to have so many folks who care enough to write about this admittedly (most of the time) pretty boring topic! You’ll find plenty of knowledgable bloggers who specialize in keeping us up to date about the big issues, changes in the market place and general trends, be it governmental or economical, that will over time have an impact on the world of workers comp. An impact that will ultimately effect the way employers will secure coverage and how insurance agents and insurance companies deliver products to the market place.

We hope that you’ll find our blog and website a bit different. We specialize in hands on, down in the dirt issues that effect all employers, agents, auditors and even insurance company personnell on a daily basis. For example, if you are a new employer who needs to learn about how workers compensation works, you can do that by spending a little time on our website. If you are an agent who needs to know the rating payroll for a corporate officer in the state of Illinois or most other states you can simply visit our individual state information pages to find that along with other technical policy information. It’s information we put up for free to help you out. You can also learn about classification codes, workers compensation audits, retrospective rating plans, experience rating and the effect claims have on how a premium is calculated.

You will also learn about our direct consulting and expert witness services. You may find it hard to believe but we receive calls everyday from business owners, employers, insurance agents and attorneys seeking help for some type of premium related problem that’s reared it’s ugly head. These are usually presented in the form of a law suit or some disagreement between the employer and their insurance company about how a class code was applied to their policy or about a run away retrospective rating plan or an out of control experience modification factor or EMR.

Individual case studies make up a large part of our daily blog. We write about experiences we’ve had working on special cases. We will typically discuss situations that our individual clients may have faced and provide some case detail and outcome all while protecting the identity of our client. Sharing helpful information that will hopefully keep another employer from having to experience the same situation in the future. It’s all about discovering the details in a problem and working through to hopefully a favorable outcome.

Through our direct consulting work our team helps mitigate and resolve complex technical issues for those seeking our help. We assist agents and brokers who contact us with clients experiencing problems found within our areas of expertise.

We hope you find that our firm is about the nuts and bolts of workers compensation. The rules on how premium is generated and audits are completed, how codes and claims effect experience rating and premium and how retrospective rating can go out of control. We hope to provide guidance when problems happen! And when things really go wrong (yep, sometimes they do!) we hope to be the team that assists you to a favorable resolution. That’s where we fit and what we do!

Thanks for reading!