What SHOULD You Do When You Receive A Large Work Comp Audit Bill?

Yesterdays blog made me think! So what should you do if you receive an unexpected, large, workers compensation audit bill?

Well the first thing to do is not to ignore it! That’s just about the worst thing you can do! It will not go away! As a matter of fact time is not on your side. The clock on an audit bill begins ticking as soon as it leaves the insurance company door. The insurance company wants their money in usually 10-15 days. So if you let it sit around on your desk for very long it will become your worst nightmare!

So…what’s the first thing you should do? If it’s really unexpected and you had no idea that the additional premium would be so high….you should immediately have it reviewed! I don’t mean this as a commercial for what we do…but it just makes sense. Have a professional premium audit consulting firm take a look.

Lesson Learned: When presented with a large unexpected audit bill…don’t wait…have it reviewed IMMEDIATELY! (sorry for shouting)