Nuts and Bolts of Workers Compensation – A Blog Providing Useful Information for Employers and Insurance Professionals

If you’ve spent any time reading this blog you already know most of the stuff we talk about falls into the nuts and bolts operation of workers compensation. We describe how audits work, how premium is generated and what to do if you have a problem with classification codes. We talk about the EMR, how it works, what employers can do when it goes out of control and it’s effect on employers securing job contracts. We answer questions from employers, insurance agents and insurance company personnel. And hopefully you’ll find that we provide our readers with useful information that can help them with day to day management of a workers compensation program from a hands-on point of view.

Many of our posts are about problems and specific situations where employer policyholders have found themselves unfortunately involved. We’ll take those experiences, protect the names of the parties involved, and write about how and why they happened and what steps another employer may take to avoid the grief.

For what’s suppose to be a simple insurance product the world of workers compensation continues to be large and ever changing! Workers compensation legislation enacted by individual states is constantly in flux creating new and future challenges for employers and insurance carriers alike. Many believe the slow but steady movement of the federal government into workers compensation will have a devastating effect on the entire workers compensation system. As a reader of our blog you may wonder why we don’t talk much about the big picture items. It’s just that other blog writers do such a great job of keeping us all informed on these topics why duplicate efforts!

So, we’ll continue to provide you with hands-on, useful day to day tips and information that to make your understanding of workers compensation a little easier! And be sure to visit our website at!