Meet Our Expert Witness Team – Workers Compensation Consultants

Workers Compensation Expert Witness and Litigation Support is a special service provided by Workers Compensation Consultants. We’ve gathered a great team of experts when it comes to workers compensation code, audit, retrospective plan, claim and general workers compensation premium issues and I’d like to take just a minute and introduce you to our primary team.

Meet Paul Griffin, a consultant expert. Paul is an expert in regards workers compensation code and audit issues. Paul has a strong background in both code and audit issues as evidenced by his professional CV. Paul has been in the insurance arena since 1982. Holding various positions throughout his career with NCCI. His expertise encompasses classification code analysis, workers compensation audit analysis, experience modification, workers compensation audit, field operations, data management and NCCI code and audit procedures. Paul is successful in providing an independent analysis, review, written reports, court testimony and litigation support for attorneys and their clients experiencing audit and code related problems. 

Meet Raymond Wills, a consultant expert.  Ray is an expert in regards workers compensation retrospective rating plans, claim reviews and claim reserving issues. His area of expertise encompasses workers compensation claim reserves, claim management, proper claim handling, retrospective rating, retrospective formulas, litigation management and loss summary reports. View Ray’s professional CV here. Ray has been in the insurance arena since 1976. He has successfully performed workers compensation expert witness and litigation services for many workers compensation cases in both federal and state courts.

Meet Randy Sieberg, CIC, ARM, CRM, that’s me. I am our primary consultant in regards workers compensation audits, disputes, appeals, classification, agency-company relations, standards and practices, agency/agent errors and omissions. You can view my CV here. With over 30 years experience in workers compensation insurance related issues, I direct activities of our expert witness team, assist with client/attorney contact and coordinate expert witness and litigation support activities of Workers Compensation Consultants.

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In addition to our expert witness services you’ll find we also provide direct assistance within the areas of our expertise to employers, insurance agents, insurance agencies, insurance companies and auditors. Be sure to visit our website at for free reference information, tips and a wealth of workers compensation self-help information.