Is the State of Washington a Workers Compensation Monopolistic State?

A question about workers compensation I received.

Yes, Washington State is monopolistic! You can learn more about the four remaining monopolistic states, what they are, who they are, how they work, how to contact the individual state authorities and how to secure coverage for these states at our website.  

As I mentioned above, the State of Washington is a monopolistic workers comp state. In simple terms this means that workers compensation coverage for this state is not allowed through private insurers but is only available and provided through the state.  As a matter of fact Washington was one of the first to establish workers compensation laws for the protection of employees in 1911. Washington State workers compensation rules, like the other monopolistic states, differ from most other states. Coverage is administered by the state and provided through the Washington Department of Labor and Industries. As a side note Washington does not use “payroll” or “remuneration,” as do all other states, for a base in their premium calculation rather they use a form of “man hours.” You’ll also find that the workers comp program in Washington is tied to their Department of Labor, business licensing and payroll taxation.

Be sure to contact the Washington Department of Labor and Industries to secure coverage and with any specific questions you may have about workers compensation coverage in their state.  You can find contact information for the Department of Labor and Industries on our website.

Hope this helps you out! Thanks!