Where do I find an EMOD, EMR or XMOD worksheet for my business?

A question we are often asked by employers and or business owners is: Where can I find the EMOD, EMR or XMOD worksheet for my business?

EMOD, EMR, XMOD or just MOD are workers compensation terms that refer to the same thing, the experience modification rate (factor). This factor, or experience rate, is developed specifically for each individual experience rated business or employer. It is specific to each business. It has a direct impact on the premium an employer pays. It is being used more and more as a safety indicator for a business with contracting entities placing more emphasis on a 1.0 or less EMR as a minimum bidding qualification. 

You can get a replacement copy of your EMOD by contacting the Rating Bureau or Advisory Organization for your state. The rating bureau or advisory organization for your state of operation is responsible for developing your individual EMR and will provide you with a copy of this worksheet on an annual basis. 

Use the link found below to our  firms State Rules Directory page where you can find and access your individual states workers compensation rules:

State Rules Directory Page – Workers Compensation Rules, Rating Bureaus and Advisory Organizations

From our State Directory Page go to your individual state page where you’ll find a direct link to your states rating bureau or advisory organization along with phone and other contact information.

Here’s a list of the State Rating Bureaus or Advisory Organizations:

  • California – WCIRB – Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau
  • Delaware – DCRB – Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau
  • Indiana – ICRB – Indiana Compensation Rating Bureau
  • Massachusetts – WCRIBMA – Workers Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau
  • Michigan – CAOM – Compensation Advisory Organization of Michigan
  • Minnesota – MWCIA – Minnesota Workers Compensation Insurers Association
  • New Jersey – NJCRIB – New Jersey Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau
  • New York – NYCIRB – New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board
  • North Carolina – NCRB – North Carolina Rate Bureau
  • North DakotaA Monopolistic State
  • OhioA Monopolistic State
  • Pennsylvania – PCRB – Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau
  • Texas – TDI – Texas Department of Insurance
  • WashingtonA Monopolistic State
  • Wisconsin – WCRB – Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau
  • WyomingA Monopolistic State
  • All Other States – NCCI – National Council on Compensation Insurance

Links and contact information for all of these are available on our State Rules Directory found on our website.

So when you need a copy of your EMR just contact your State Rating Bureau – Advisory Organization. They are the ones who develop experience modification rates for employers within your individual state.

Hope this helps you out! Thanks!