Consulting Help for Insurance Agents, Brokers and Their Workers Compensation Clients –

It’s a service our company provides. If you are an insurance agent, broker or insurance agency with workers compensation clients with problems we may be able to help! The world of workers compensation can be confusing and sometimes difficult to manage your way through. Rules, their application and misapplication can cause many problems for your policyholders. But you don’t have to go it alone…

Our firm provides specialized workers compensation consulting services to employers, agents, brokers, auditors, carriers and attorneys within our areas of expertise which encompass premium generation issues. Here’s a list of the services we provide. We’ve worked with many agents who have brought us on-board to assist with client problems.

Why would an agent or broker want to ask us for help? Primarily because we provide an independent analysis and assessment of their clients specific situation and work with the client, agent, carrier and authority, if needed, to bring about a proper solution to their problem.

You see, there’s a big advantage for an agent or broker when they use an outside service like ours.

Here’s a few to consider:

  • A true consulting service, like ours, does not sell insurance and is not in the business of providing a product for commission.
  • We do not and will not compete with the agent or broker.
  • We offer a complete independent assessment of their clients situation.
  • We provide opinions and assist in correcting errors or mistakes found during analysis.
  • When an agent brings us in on a case it shows their client the commitment they’ve made in making sure the client is receiving a higher level of care.
  • It’s a competitive world out there for agents or brokers and those who use our independent service will have a step up on other agents.
  • Our service only enhances the job the agent or broker does for their client!

So if you are an agent or broker that has a workers compensation client with a premium related problem be sure to check out the services we offer. You may be surprised how we can help! 

Hope this helps you out! Thanks!