Broad Form All States Endorsement for Workers Compensation

Looking for the Broad Form All States Endorsement to add to your workers compensation policy? Well you can stop looking because it no longer exists!

If you know of this workers compensation term then I’d venture to say you’ve been around the workers compensation industry for some time! That’s a compliment…really! But things change and this specific endorsement went by the wayside sometime in the mid 1980’s.

Here’s a little history about this endorsement. The Broad Form All States Endorsement, when it was used, provided workers compensation and employers liability coverage for employees working in states that were not specifically covered by the workers compensation policy. It excluded the monopolistic states along with Arizona but provided automatic workers compensation coverage for an employer whose employees were working in states other than one listed in Item 3. The endorsement also required the employer to notify the insurance company once work began in another state but went ahead to state that failure to give notice did not invalidate the insurance. So the intended use of this endorsement was to extend coverage into other states when an employer had operations in those states.

It’s a combination of the use of Item 3 C and Item 3 A in the current standard workers compensation policy that has long since taken the place of the Broad Form All States Endorsement. So the next time someone asks for a Broad Form All States Endorsement to be added to a workers compensation policy, don’t waste too much of your time asking for one from an underwriter. Just chalk it up to someone who may not be as up to date with current workers comp lingo, turn to Item 3 A and Item 3 C because it’s here that you can make sure your policy will respond to those out of state or other state employee exposures!

As always, please be sure to check with your agent, broker or insurance carrier with questions as to how your policy or endorsements may work in your specific situation!

Hope this helps you out! Thanks!

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