When an Agent or Broker needs Help with a Workers Compensation Problem –

Ever had a question about workers comp that you couldn’t answer? Been there done that! It happens to all of us in the industry! And if someone tells you they have all the answers, don’t believe them! But what counts is knowing where to find answers and where to go when you need help with an account.

Insurance agents and brokers provide a valuable service to their commercial insurance clients. They work hard to secure proper insurance coverage for their clients at affordable prices. They deal with providing correct additional insured status and other complicated general liability modifications as required by contracts their clients sign. They work to uncover gaps in coverage and in many cases act as a risk advisor to their clients. Starting to get the picture that an agents work is never done!

Then throw into the mix competition. Don’t forget that many clients only want the cheapest insurance they can buy. But of course they also want everything to be “covered.” And when an agent has a client pushing to find answers about workers compensation it can be difficult.

Independent agents and brokers often find themselves as the buffer between the client and the insurance carrier. When things go wrong the client naturally looks to their agent for help and depending on the complexity of the workers compensation issue an agent or broker may need to call in outside help.

When working on complex problems that have to do with premium issues like audits, reclassification of codes, out of control claims and resulting out of control EMR’s many agents will feel out of their element. And that’s usually when we get a call!

Remember, it’s not knowing everything about workers compensation but knowing where to find help when you need it! So if you’re an agent experiencing a workers compensation problem with one of your clients be sure to contact an independent workers compensation consultant! Sure that’s what we do, but there are several others out there who also do a great job!

Contact my office if you have a problem with one of your clients! You may be surprised at how we can help!