At Workers Compensation Consultants, we discover and correct workers compensation premium errors and mistakes for our clients. We are an independent professional workers compensation premium review consulting firm.

We accomplish this by conducting reviews in which we analyze workers compensation audits, experience modification factor calculations, claim reserves and their accuracy and effect on experience mod factors, job classifications, application of premium credits, payroll and premium calculations for accuracy. As an independent consulting firm, we work for our clients to provide an independent review of all premium producing areas of their workers compensation program.

 We do not sell insurance and in no way will we attempt to replace a client’s insurance company, agency or agent. Our only interest is to insure the accuracy of a clients’ workers compensation program and assist in securing workers comp refunds or credits when identified due to overcharges, miscalculations or errors made by insurance companies.

We believe you will find that our professional credentials, many years of insurance experience and fresh approach make us special in the field of workers compensation audit consulting. Our goal is simple, to provide a high quality professional service to those who need our help.

 We are also proud of our website, which was established in 2007, as an active resource for employers, agents, agencies, insurance carrier personnel and others , providing valuable information for their use.

 Please visit our website at Work Comp Consultant.Com to learn more about our consulting firm.