As an independent workers compensation consultant we can help you with your audit dispute resolution. If you have already filed a workers compensation audit dispute with your insurance company and have not been successful or are having problems reaching a compromise we can help! If you have not previously filed an audit dispute, we can assist you in making a valid argument to your insurance company for resolution. As an independent outside resource we can assist you in reaching a favorable outcome in your dispute with the insurance company.

Client Feedback…

A Community Resource Center…
“We were involved in an audit dispute with the California State Fund…”
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Underground Utility Contractor…
“After discovering a huge mistake in the reclassification of codes on our policy the insurance company refused to make any corrections…”
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A Metal Goods Manufacturer…
“After a $54,000 code change on our policy and denial by the insurance company we had to file an audit dispute…”
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Inquire About Our Audit Dispute Resolution Service:

Email or Call our office at 573-489-8323 to discuss your audit problem. We do not charge for our initial interview.
During our initial interview we will discuss your audit dispute, our qualifications and how we may best design an approach and solution for your problem. Once you choose to go forward with our services we will provide you our fee schedule with payment plan options, set up your account and begin work on your audit dispute.


With this service we:
  • Will help you identify if there is a need to dispute an audit;
  • Will assist you in filing a proper workers compensation dispute with your insurance company;
  • Can independently review an ongoing audit dispute and help you evaluate the effectiveness of continuing with your dispute;
  • Can assist you in negotiating with your insurance company on an ongoing dispute;
  • Will represent your concerns to the insurance company from the point of an independent, outside consultant;
  • Can assist you with the “next step” if your initial dispute has been denied;
  • Will help you file a Workers Compensation Board Appeal if your initial audit dispute is denied;

We do our best to provide all of our services on an affordable basis. Drop us an Email for details on how our compensation plans work.

To go forward with our service we will make arrangements to securely receive your retainer, confirm your order, complete our service agreement and schedule a time to begin working on your audit dispute.
You can always contact us by Email or phone at 573-489-8323 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CST).


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Filing a Workers compensation audit dispute can be confusing at best! Most of the rules governing what an insurance company can and cannot do when it comes to the audit process are only found hiding in the shadows. Most companies are to quick to hang their hat on the “insured did not comply with the audit request” or “insured was uncooperative” tag lines when a client may have legitimate questions and issues with how an audit was conducted. And, unfortunately, following the “rules” when it comes to audit disputes is the correct path to a favorable outcome. Filing an audit dispute is not as easy as it sounds, When things go bad they really go bad. You don’t have to go it alone!

So if you are having a problem resolving an audit dispute with your workers comp insurance company…WE CAN HELP!

And best of all…you can choose how we get paid! We offer our audit dispute service on two compensation plans. The hourly rate plan where you just pay us for our work; or the combination plan where we charge you a reduced hourly rate and share any return premium we get back for at a reduced rate!

We do our best to make this service affordable! You can choose what’s best for you!


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